Proton Beam and Heavy Ions Track

Proton Beam and Heavy Ions Track

While proton beams are becoming one of the most explored modalities for FLASH, heavier ions, like Helium and carbon ions have started to be considered as well, for exploiting potential specific advantages and opening at the same time new peculiar challenges.

This track covers all things FLASH that revolve around the use of protons and/or heavier ions. This includes aspects such as accelerator science, delivery challenges, radiation protection, specific treatment planning solutions,  dosimetry, specific biological response, biophysical modelling, outstanding challenges and future perspectives.

  • This track is for anyone who wants to find out more about all types of FLASH radiotherapy and spatially fractionated radiotherapy.
  • The latest information on how FLASH beams are delivered and measured, and what are the new horizons in the field.
  • Insights into spatially fractionated radiotherapy.
  • The latest developments in the field often before they are published
  • Also hear from manufacturers and find out their latest news


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