Abstract topics

Abstract topics

The Abstract Submission for FRPT 2021 is divided into 3 tracks: Radiation Modalities, Mechanisms and Flash in Clinic.

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Topic A: Radiation Modalities

  1. Radiation modalities: parameters for FLASH
  2. Which conditions (radiation type, dose rate, dose per pulse, total irradiation time, biological end point) are optimal
  3. Measurement of FLASH doses and dose rate for QA and real time measurement (how to guarantee the dose and prevent errors
  • A2 – Measurement of FLASH doses and dose rate for QA and real time measurement: ionisation chambers, film, solid state detectors, scintillators
  • A3 – How: electrons, photons, protons; heavy ions: equipment involved, how beam is delivered, experimental end stations and set up
  • A4 – Spatially fractionated radiotherapy, mini beams etc.
  • A5 – New horizons Laser driven, VHEE

Topic B: Mechanisms

  • B1 – Physics: modelling the FLASH effect, Geant 4 DNA, other code
  • B2 – Physico-Chemistry: FLASH chemistry, oxygen contribution, ROS
  • B3 – Biology: molecular level, DNA damage, oxidative stress, inflammation; cellular level; tissue level
  • B4 – in vitro and in vivo studies,
  • B5 – Flash and drug / immune radiation combinations

Topic C: Flash in the Clinic

  • C1 – QA and dosimetry
  • C2 – TPS development for FLASH
  • C3 – Treatment regimen, fractionation, volume, combination
  • C4 – Clinical trial design and methodology, regulations
  • C5 – Patient selection (how many patients might benefit from FLASH?), FLASH clinical workflow, health economics
  • C6 – Clinical trial:  FLASH-IORT and superficial tumours; FLASH – proton; synchrotron trial; innovative trials