FLASH Modalities & New Horizons Track

FLASH Modalities & New Horizons Track

FLASH Modalities look at how FLASH beams are delivered (equipment, radiation type, etc.) as well as what should be their dose rate, dose per pulse, spot scanning, and how they are measured (QA, dosimetry, and radiation protection).

This track also covers spatially fractionated radiotherapy: use of mini and microbeams of photons, electrons, protons, and heavier ions and looks at new horizons in the fields of FLASH (eg. Laser ions and Very High Energy Electrons (VHEE)), spatially fractionated radiotherapy and particle therapy, and highlights research conducted in the EU projects INSPIRE and UHD Pulse.

  • This track is for anyone who wants to find out more about all types of FLASH radiotherapy and spatially fractionated radiotherapy.
  • The latest information on how FLASH beams are delivered and measured, and what are the new horizons in the field
  • Insights into spatially fractionated radiotherapy
  • The latest developments in the field will be presented, even unpublished updates
  • They will have the chance to hear from manufacturers and find out their latest news


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