Flash in Clinical and Pre-clinical Settings Track

Flash in Clinical and Pre-clinical Settings Track

FLASH in Clinical and Preclinical Settings provides an update on the main preclinical data that have demonstrated how FLASH is able to conserve normal tissues enhancing anticancer potency, and on first in human data and on-going clinical trials.

The sessions also look at how to design adequate clinical trials and at additional clinical benefits of reducing treatment time, eventually limiting organ motion, increasing compliance of the patients, and increasing the number of patients that could be treated.

  • Anyone wanting to find out more about how FLASH RT is moving towards clinical application, to know the available preclinical data and the opened questions, the perspective of combined treatments, and to discuss the challenges and opportunities of FLASH RT.
  • Latest information on preclinical data and how FLASH RT may be translated in the clinic research.
  • Find out the latest news and discuss the potential benefits and the issues still needing to be answered.


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