FLASH Mechanisms Track

FLASH Mechanisms Track

Over the last three years, significant progresses have been made in understanding the FLASH mechanisms, spanning over physics, chemistry, and biology. The particle-agnostic nature of the FLASH effect has been conclusively demonstrated, yet the quest for defining the optimal beam parameters is ongoing. Explorations into chemical hypotheses, including oxygen depletion and oxidation reactions on biological components, have expanded our understanding and comprehensive investigations into biological responses, ranging from immune and inflammatory reactions to vascular and redox responses, have also been undertaken and are ongoing.

Mechanism tracks will offer insights into the latest advancements in the field.

  • Anyone wanting to find out more about how FLASH operates and understand the physical, biological, and chemical mechanisms involved. Together with the latest experiments in FLASH RT.
  • The latest information on FLASH RT research: physics, chemistry, biology. These sessions combine theoretical modelling studies with the very latest experimental research.
  • The latest developments in the field often before they are published
  • Also hear from manufacturers and find out their latest news


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